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Provide professional support and accurate, easy to understand knowledge about hair, and provide top quality products that will give satisfying results long term. Education is the foundation for a healthy head of hair which boosts confidence. Our commitment is to EMPOWER YOU by providing the necessary tools which create and support healthy heads of hair for generations to come.

Supportive Education to Boost Confidence

Education is empowering. Through youtube videos, radio, blogs, social media, and educational seminars, we aim to help bring professional, accurate information about natural hair care that is engaging, fun, and easy to understand. Learn about Texture Talks. They're coming to a city near you. You can also request Texture Talks at your next healthy lifestyles event!


Learn about WHISPER WHIP HYDRATION and other products designed to help your hair respond positively under even the most seemingly impossible circumstances.

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How to Combat Dry Natural Hair

The cold winter months give my hair the business, so I

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How to Straighten Your Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

Straightening natural hair using heat without compoundi

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Moisture Vs. Hydration

PDF: Moisture Vs. Hydration Moisture Vs. Hydration Wri

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Going Natural and Staying Natural

Going Natural and Staying Natural Written by Tendai”

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Natural Hair in Corporate America

Natural Hair in Corporate America My Natural Is My Natu

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Do you know your hair texture? Understanding your hair texture category and the care your hair requires sets you up for realistic expectations and optimal results. Texture Talks with Tendai, the Hair Whisperer can help you start on a road to success.